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yesss im offff i can do stuff. bye everyone. no more annoying personals.


probably the best date i’ve ever been on is when i asked them whether or not regular milk or chocolate milk smelt better after drinking both. ended up convincing them to buy a few cartons to test it out and ended up having a burping contest and sniffing each others burp. i liked how the date ended with mouth wash and them realizing i’m lactose intolerant and me explaining that i was trying to impress them. (i havent drank milk since highschool). too bad they left to new york. least i can say that kiss was minty fresh. mmm, it was short lived, but you know what its nice to even have a small experience like that. it’s the little things like that make me smile —somewhere along the line when im ready to be serious with someone i hope to share really stupid moments like that. i always feel like the minute i get close to someone my freedom gets taken away.. that somewhere i might make the mistake of letting my guard down and that i was just someone to be fun around with. i always feel like i was the guy in the moment with and never for the long run. but thats nothing to worry about i look at it as hey i hope you get me someday, you. - you impossible person that has yet to see more then that haha.

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it’s too weird for me to date people. they ask me my hobbies and i end up telling them i make art, read comics, watch silverscreen movies, dressing nice, looking for dark humorous jokes on the internet, love making vegan food, and play video games.

and then they tell me we have something in common.

And then I’m like no we don’t.

Then I break the ice by asking them if they think their armpit sweats are secretly shadows escaping from their pits and if its the devils undoing.

and they dont even know how to respond.

why cant someone laugh about something so stupid.

jackasses. thats what..

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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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